Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Why are people in the year 2013 afraid to overcome their issues with Research Paper

Why are people in the year 2013 afraid to overcome their issues with diversity - Research Paper Example Diversity is virtually unavoidable. It will always come out in any societal settings. This can include at school, place of work or at social functions. These three settings are the most common under which aspect of diversity gets experienced. One reason why people fear to overcome their issues with diversity is because of perfectionism. Perfectionists tend to believe in the notion that they belong to a different class from the rest of their colleagues in any settings. This may be attributed to several reasons (Williams, 2013). One such reason is having completed education earlier than your colleagues and by doing so, having had gotten better grades. This makes them get held as among the elite in any society and as a result, they seek to justify their treatment by the same society. Most perfectionists fear failing, getting disapproved or making mistakes. This further makes it difficult for perfectionists to appreciate any diversity in their diversity. They find themselves unable to accept that other people in the same field or setting may have different ideas from their ideas. Perfectionism can, therefore, be viewed as a problem rather than a positive attribute. Perfectionists can be found virtually in all settings of a society. In a school setting, perfectionists may be those students who have had a relatively good academic record. Such students in most cases find themselves detached from their colleagues due to their impressive performance. This detachment can lead to a condition where the student always strives to impress their colleagues with a view to ‘disapproving’ them. The student, therefore, lives a life of fear of making a mistake (Williams, 2013). In a working place, people to whom authority has been bestowed upon them will in most cases try to be impressive to their juniors. Such staff may find it hard to be always at

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