Thursday, September 26, 2019

Consumer Behaviour - Learning Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Consumer Behaviour - Learning Theory - Essay Example Looking at this advert, emotions are aroused making it so attractive and appetising especially when the viewer combines what he sees with environmental experiences with sausages or his perception of just how delicious this breakfast dish looks like. As such, cognitive, emotional and environmental influences as well as prior experiences all play a part of how understanding is acquired and knowledge and skills retained and ultimately how this advert could be received. Learning theory proposes that individuals learn in different ways and styles and how they perceive the information. Cognitive conditioning embraces situations where a learner’s behaviour is studied rather than studying his environment. As a result, in these adverts, cognition conditioning becomes very important as they target the psychology of the viewer thereby persuading him to looking for the dish or outfit described in the adverts. The conditioning looks beyond behaviour to consider how human memory works to promote learning. The advertisement is designed in such a way that it enhances the memory of the audience. It is usually argued that pictures speak more than words – a picture is worth a thousand words (Vakratsas & Ambler, 1999). The images used in both advertisements are, therefore, intended to ensure that the information is captured and retained by the intended audience. While attracting more of the potential clients, the advents’ cognitive potential ensures that they retain the actual clients of the brand. Cognitive conditioning explains social role acquisition int elligence and memory in regards to age. Consumers store information on products or a print advert of the product in their brains which they later would retrieve. Retrieval of information is assisted by clues which may be self generated or external and may take forms of images, shapes and Colour (Rothschild & Gaidis, 1991). The Company needs to focus on

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