Friday, September 13, 2019

Human Resource Issues Facing HOME CARE HOUSING Assignment

Human Resource Issues Facing HOME CARE HOUSING - Assignment Example The inability of the organization to develop a HR policy that would regulate all HR issues in all organizational units has led to severe conflicts at all organizational levels and to failures in regard to the development of various organizational activities. The literature related to the particular sector, the HRM sector, has been reviewed so that appropriate explanations are retrieved in regard to the HR problems appeared across the organization. It is proved that the elimination of conflicts in the workplace and the resolution of the firm’s HRM problems are possible only if an appropriate plan of action, that would address all the needs of the organization in terms of its HR, would be introduced. Part A Summary of all HR issues currently faced by Homecare Housing – Links between these issues The HR issues that Homecare Housing currently faces seem to be related with the rapid development of the organization. As noted in the case study, the transformation of the organi zation during the last 12 years has been rapid, leading to the increase of the staff at high levels; today, the workforce of the organization reaches the 600 employees. ... Inequality has become a key organizational problem not only in regard to the level of payment but also in regard to ‘working hours, swift payments and holidays’ (case study, p.2). According to the case study the difference, in percentage, in the amount paid to employees for swifts ‘can vary from ‘0% to 60%’ (case study, p.2), a fact that cannot be accepted. The elimination of inequality and unfairness in the workplace should be the key priority for the firm’s HR managers so that employee morale is increased positively affected the employee performance. Indeed, as noted in the third page of the case study, HR managers in Homecare Housing have understood the need for eliminating inequality in the workplace, especially in regard to the level of payment. Still, inequality across the organization should be addressed in all its aspects and not only in regard to the employees’ remuneration. The introduction of an appropriately customized reward system, as announced by the firm’s managers (case study, p.3) could benefit the organization leading to the increase of employee satisfaction and employee morale (West and Markiewicz 2008, White and Druker 2012); however, such plan could not help for eliminating conflicts in the workplace unless it would be combined with other measures targeting inequality and unfairness (Searle and Skinner 2011). Another problem that the organization has to face in regard to the management of its HR is the development across the organization of union support. Participating in unions can help employees to promote their interests in the workplace (Kirton and Greene 2012); however, if the relevant initiatives are not carefully organized it is quite possible for the involvement of union in the

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