Thursday, September 26, 2019

Culture Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Culture - Research Paper Example Black Americans are facing some issues related to affirmative action, racial profiling and federal controversies in the modern world. These issues have affected the development of the entire American society. Racial profiling is being practiced in the American society drastically. Important federal agencies such as Immigration and Customs Department have stated that they rely on racial discrimination. The main reason due to which these agencies practice racial discrimination is the safety and security of country. Racial profiling arises because all the immigrants are not treated equally in the immigration and the customs department. It has been observed that people belonging from different religion and country are generally detained and thoroughly checked while other citizens of America are minutely checked. Discrimination based on racial profiling is growing day by day and the black Americans are the most common victims of such problems (Wilkins & Williams, 2008). Whenever an African-American citizen of the United States enters the border from a foreign country their luggage are thoroughly checked and they are detained for long hours in the airports. Some of the citizens even miss their plane due to intense checking procedures. Racial profiling is practiced on a large scale in the American society. Some of the African-Americans also believe that racial profiling is the 21st century version of slavery and inequality. According to statistical data, it has been observed that around 12-13 percent of the African-American populations are drug users however 38 percent of populations get arrested for drug-related crimes. Based on the police reports it has also been recorded that the minority group of America get arrested quite often because they mostly belong to the lower group of the American society. This shows that the law-making system is not efficient and the

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