Tuesday, September 3, 2019

America Needs The Draft Essay -- Military Persuasive Argument Essays W

America Needs The Draft A draft starts when there is a major crisis and extra troops are needed for combat. The draft only calls men to duty in a certain order in which they registered. This is called the lottery. Only when Congress passes and then the president signs legislation, the draft can begin. After the Vietnam War was completely over congress felt the draft should be put to an end. The draft was finally put to an end in 1973 by congress. This pamphlet has been created to help you understand why the draft should be brought back in today's society. Government Still Finds Ways to Keep Troops Overseas Yes, congress ended the draft back in 1973, but they also authorized a stop-loss order, which means each branch of the military can prolong the enlistment of any soldier if the secretary of defense says so. Soldiers that have signed up for part-time jobs in the military are being deployed for an indefinite period and are realizing that the draft is basically back, in a sense. Signing Up with the Selective Service System As I recall, every one of my classmates ...

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