Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Preschoolers grow their brains Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Preschoolers grow their brains - Essay Example It helps in doing away with the ‘I cannot do it’ attitude that is among the beliefs that makes most people fail to achieve their goals. It also leads to the children becoming more independent in making choices and also thinking of ways that they can solve future problems. The children become more responsible and view ways of solving issues instead of becoming escapist. The model of thinking helps children become more creative and enhance their critical thinking abilities that take them along the way in their entire lifetime (Shelby and Christie 33). The article is also paramount for the adults as according to the article; the teachers explain that they are also able to think more and grow in their skills. It has also particularly influenced me as I have realized that there are simple, but practical way of coming up with solutions without conflicting in a negative way (Shelby and Christie 32). In a nutshell, the article emphasizes more on developing problem solvers and children that are prepared to solve challenges even in their adulthood. The concept of coming up with children who can think critically to solve problems, communicate effectively, collaborate with others and those with creative and innovative skills should be highly embraced and

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