Monday, September 2, 2019

Depression Leading to Suicide Essay -- hopelessness,

One who suffers from depression may think about and or attempt suicide because of the extreme emotional pain and hopelessness they feel. It is during this time that one believes the only relief is in by putting an end to their lives. The risk factors that are identified in the assessment by Dr. Niolon state â€Å"the first thing to remember is these three things: consult- this allows for another opinion and better care as well as to protect you and document everything you do every question you ask the client and everyone you speak too and evaluate the client’s risks† (Niolon, R. PhD., 1999). Factors that influence suicide risk are mental diagnosis, particularly depression and substance abuse, or Borderline Personality Disorder which increases risk. Age- Individuals over the age of forty-five (45) are at a higher rate. Gender (women try more frequently while men try more fatal means). Marital status (never married, divorced, newly separated are the highest rate while unm arried are lowest risk). History of suicide in their family recent job loss, Caucasians are at a higher risk than ethnic minorities. (Niolon,R. Ph.D.,1999). Depression, has occurred at some point in a great many people's lives. Depression that spiraled out of control into suicide thoughts and in some cases it may have even turned into attempts. Such thoughts and/ and or actions can be feeling more than a person can handle by themselves. There are warning signs, such as, feelings of sadness for no reason at all, loss of interest in do in things, such as participating in activities with friends or going to outside social events, it also includes not being albe to enjoy activities that once brought them happiness and pleasure. Most of society is able to disch... ...hem, but if given the right information it is possible to encourage them to go to their family and friends , and that suicide is certainly not the answer and that there is help is available. For those who are affected by others who suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts/and or attempts you need help to you may also need help from the emotional stress and worry that it has caused you, group counseling/and or therapy. Works Cited Niolon,R.,Ph.D., (1999). Resources for students and professionals. Suicide Assessment. Retrieved from PsyWeb.Com. (2013). Depression and Mental Health Resources. Retrieved from Conwell Y, Brent D. Suicide and aging. I: patterns of psychiatric diagnosis. International Psychogeriatrics, 1995; 7(2): 149-64.

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