Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Immigration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Immigration - Essay Example For others it will be shown how they feel that immigration has become a looming problem within the country and increases the risk of terrorist activity within America. Overall, my conclusion will demonstrate how the United States has hallmarked itself in the world with invitations to foreigners to enter into our country for better opportunities, and a chance for a higher quality of life, therefore we have only brought the current problems with immigration onto ourselves with no one to blame but our own government. Across the span of time, the outcome of war and conflict has been the vehicle of change for nations and its population. The outcome of regional hostilities directly affects the positive and negative outcomes of established civilizations. Immigration is an element of population change and is defined as the movement of people from one nation to another with the intention of attaining permanent residence during a certain period of time. Immigration is defined as the process of people permanently leaving a nation or region to settle in another for better opportunities, improved life, and to build on their dreams for the future. America has represented itself to other nationalities as a place of peace, hope, and a better life, leaving the invitation open to come and immigrate to this land (Heaney 1977, pg. 15). Therefore, the United States, in reality, has no one to blame but themselves for the escalating problems that are associated with immigration issues today. People immigrate to improve their economic situations, avoid political or religious persecution, or as a result of war displacement. According to the Department of Immigration and Naturalization Services personnel, "American immigration patterns indicate that approximately twenty percent of all immigrants to the United States relocated as a result of war displacement"(Artingstall 2003). In past times, there were three major groups of people that migrated to the United States between 1950 and 2000; the Jews after WWII, the Asians after the Korean Conflict and the Vietnamese after the Vietnam War. Although, recent immigration continues to occur and increase the population of America, the above three armed conflicts have brought new immigration policy changes and the largest amount of immigration movement since 1945. Even so, more recently the immigration problem has been with Hispanics crossing over illegally and also due to the conflict in the Middle East which has brought many Arabs migrating to the United States, enlarging the threat of terrorism in many people's minds. It would seem that every time a war or conflict takes place it has brought about vast changes for the United States. For example, World War II brought about a vast population of people migrating from Europe to the United States. Although, the United States was spared the physical land damages other countries had experienced during the war, many major changes were occurring in cities across our nation. The construction of new factories, military bases and housing created

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