Saturday, October 5, 2019

Workplace Safety in Engineering Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Workplace Safety in Engineering - Research Paper Example fety cover a lot of areas like safety of the machines used in any industry, safety of the electronic components used in engineering related companies, safety of the warehouses in companies, safety of office and various equipment used in the office, safety of the suppliers who supplies raw material to the company, safety of the employees and health insurance cover, safety of the contractor involved in the projects and company, safety of and processes. Improving workplace safety may benefit employees’ productivity and create positive energy at work. Therefore, companies should have effective workplace safety programs, solid workplace policies, powerful HES, and facts. Workplace safety is important because it gives the employees the motivation to work owing to the fact that their health is given importance. Everyone at the workplace wants to be guaranteed safety for their lives. In fact, companies should organize programs to ensure the health of employees is never put at stake, especially for jobs that involve high level of risk. There should be strict safety policies and measures for jobs that expose employees to high health risk. Safety programs are aimed at educating employees how to react to probable risks and how to manage them when they occur. Companies should implement clear workplace safety policies and conduct regular safety training for employees in order to ensure that safety standards are adhered to by all employees the companies should manage employees’ health safety by following safety management programs rules. In engineering major, a lot of work has been done to ensure safe workplace for engineers. Health and Safety Executive (HSE) was designed to test the delivery model and give advice on workplace safety. The HSE has goals and aims that are focused towards achieving engineering workplace safety. HSE evaluates the workplace safety through different sides and every year produces a report generated showing what changes were made and how much has

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