Saturday, October 19, 2019

Evidence based practice and PICO format Assignment

Evidence based practice and PICO format - Assignment Example Therefore, EBP can also be said to aim at using evidence to change practice for the better, mainly because it builds on the collection, analysis, appraisal and incorporation of clinically applicable, significant and valid research. In the practice setting, EBP is brought into use by encouraging the concept of inquiry. Current methods are questioned, providing the platform for the search and collection of relevant evidence, focusing on both ethical and legal issues. After the evidence is critically appraised, it is used to change questionable practices that have been in use previously. In the clinical setting, wound care management is a common nursing practice that requires a critical search for evidence in terms of how it should be conducted. Since the wound has already occurred, treatment is an inevitable part of the healing process. As a healthcare practitioner, formulating a question regarding the treatment of the wounds in terms of recognizing effective interventions and reducing risk factors then eventually resulting in improved prognosis is imperative. Male children are naturally hyperactive, and from the P perspective of the PICO (T) concept can be perceived as a vulnerable population to injuries and consequential problems of the wounds due to the activities of their stage in life. A viable question would be: â€Å"how wounds frequently found on boy children should be treated differently from those on adults and girl children?† This involves a critical question because it is gender specific and evidence can be provided that focusing on boy children actually targets a particular population (Yoder-Wise, 2007). Depending on where they are brought up, treatment of wounds does not necessarily have to be based on sanitizing wounds and requiring operations, albeit minor ones. Rather than stereotyping all childhood wounds to arise from cuts and bruises occurring from simple falls, some can rightly be considered to come from

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