Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Judaism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Judaism - Essay Example Jerusalem is their holy city. Oneness of God is the most important principles of Judaism. They believe that God loves his people but also, gives heavy punishment to those who deviate from his path. Another very essential belief is of repentance. Unlike Christians, Jews believe that "Messiah" was yet to be born and most awaited by them. They believe that only the advent of "Messiah" would save the people from sins. Judaism has three main sects Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Judaism. Voni (2007) says that, "The Orthodox believes that there are 613 laws that were given to Moses from God the Father and follow those laws." As the name indicates, they follow the strictest rules and are the most conservative form of Judaism. They believe and thrive to observe their religion in its original form and get inspired by each word written in their sacred texts. This is the oldest, most conservative, and most diverse form of Judaism. Modern Orthodox, Chasidim and Ultra Orthodox share a basic belief in the derivation of Jewish law, even as they hold very different outlooks on life. They attempt to follow the original form of Judaism as they view it to be. They look upon every word in their sacred texts as being divinely inspired. Reform Judaism mo

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