Friday, October 18, 2019

Article critique Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Article critique - Research Paper Example The observed rate of response was 56.7% this is still a great rate in practical situations (Rambur, et al, 2005). The responses also imply on the percentage of the individuals interested towards a subject of study. The response rate in regards to the number of nurses who were engaged in the research even concentrates the research in a greater degree. The conduction of research in this manner would be logical since the report manifests the most critical aspects that meet perfect conditions of the research even more profound. In order to be specific, I would have applied the similar methods as to those employed in this research. However, i would concur with other researchers and scholars who target highest degree of precision to manifest critical practicality. By mentioning this, it does not mean that the research is not practical in nature nonetheless; a more precise work is significant. The sampling method involved in this research contained census and different stages’ approa ch. Sequential questionnaires used in different intervals for instance, six months, eighteen months and three years were significant in availing accurate outcomes in different seasons. This ensured the consideration of effective flexibility in the study. The calculations made based on the actual components of satisfaction allow a substantial precision since there is no chance for the occurrence of greater impact errors. Pay is an exceptional aspect in the determination of satisfaction of workers therefore; assigning a single component of satisfaction to evaluate it is a wise decision without any dispute (Rambur et al, 2005). The research feasibility depends on the overall coverage of the research ranging from the strategy stipulations as well as the recommendations. The survey is relevant since it is accurate in outlining the correct aspects of nursing to be evaluated. The design brings methods utilized, the findings revealed from the employed models throughout the evaluation proces s, the conclusions highlight whether the projected objectives are obtained. The background outlines the elaboration on the subject as well as its relevance for study. The debate concerning the education in nursing postulates the relevance in the time of education with the associated benefits and hence the satisfaction (Rambur et al, 2005). The chosen tools for application are streamlining to the expected results since the subjects are clearly outlined. The tools pose an effective coincidence with the variables, retention as well as their effects. The interrelationship between job satisfaction, turnover and education reveal the association of the fundamental variables in the case and hence the rationale of the study. Limitations that are consequential in this research provide opportunities for the succeeding studies to base their objectives and the considerations for the hypotheses. It is feasible that the rate of return for investment in education is proportional to the additional y ears of schooling. Similarly, education has costs, both direct and indirect. Consequentially, the break-even point for persons with bachelor’s degree is extra into a person's profession than is that with smaller education (Rambur et al, 2005). The design is appropriate however, there is imperfection experienced at some points which are evident but minor. The design following a chronological order of events with smooth transitional points from one stage to the next determines the design’

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