Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Transport Security Administration (TSA) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Transport Security Administration (TSA) - Essay Example sm, the defense team could not afford to watch the devastating effects of such criminals taking destructive actions on innocent people and the American economy once again. The 2001 attack executed through hijacked aircrafts by the terrorists left over three thousand people dead, and thousands more with serious injuries, besides the destruction of billions of property in the crime event. The chain of events in the various states targeted such as New York, Pennsylvania and Washington DC, led to rethinking of the federal security. Working closely to the DHS, TSA was formed and has been controlling people’s movement into and out of the United States; more so, it has committed itself in strengthening the transport system and securing commerce activities for American’s safety for the last 13 years, and hopefully into the future (TSA, Though it’s quite inclined on the aviation security, there has been increasing attention on the highways, subways and other ent ry and exit terminals used in transportation. Thesis: The appropriateness of the security measures and their effectiveness in ensuring security are debatable since the TSA began operation. Though the transportation system attacks and crimes have declined, issues of prejudice with respect to appearance, race, culture and other factors by TSA officers enforcing security at entry and exit points in the United States have been raised. This does not go unnoticed and would affect the United States movement to impact on tourism and its foreign relations. Since 2001, the USA federal government has invested heavily in security measures by the TSA, which has enabled oversight of security through its officers on the ground, their activities and supportive equipment, and the machinery they use. It is worth to appreciate the TSA operations for its adaptation to the rising security threats. While terrorists seek alternative ways to execute their operations, TSA has fastened its measures through deployed

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