Tuesday, July 23, 2019

RFID Tags Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

RFID Tags - Assignment Example The pivotal reasons behind the adoption are high operating costs and numerous stakeholders for the delivery of services. One way to overcome these challenges is the effective use of RFIDCovered cost-benefits of the RFID are labor cost savings, reduction of inventory, reduction of capital expense, increase patient management and reduce operating cost. RFID provides accurate inventory. The replacement cost of the lab supplies can be reduced by RFID. Unnecessary rush orders and lost equipment can hamper the cost-benefit of the healthcare. The cost of the RFID technology is higher. The stolen or misplaced equipment means lost data and time-consuming. The access of lost clinical and financial records can be expensive. The use of RFID applications in the healthcare makes the process of tracking equipment and inventory quite easier (McDonnell & Sheard, 2012). It helps to provide accurate information of each item that is being tracked. The tracking of medical instruments is much more secure and efficient. The possibility of human error is reduced by the use of RFID. It is an automated technology that can quickly capture multiple assets with a single pass. Some problem in hardware can lead to lost financial and clinical data. The use of RFID can be expensive for small enterprises. The use of RFID in the healthcare helps to provide better protection to the vulnerable patients. RFID wrist bands are provided to patents to track their movement in the facility. The privacy of the consumers is recorded in the RFID tags. The common problem of RFID is tag collision. All the information of the patients is stored in the RFID chip and can only be viewed through company scanners. Some of the RFID tags that are used in the healthcare can be readable approximately to 100 meters. This eventually raises the privacy concern. Sensitive information can be collected by any unwilling source. The use of RFID technology can be highly adaptable

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