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Book report. and jazz concerts. totally two different assignments Essay

Book report. and jazz concerts. totally two different assignments - Essay Example This is because some fans share a deep attachment to given musicians and songs to the point of irrationality. The author recognizes that such wildness is responsible for the hype that Jazz attains. The drama combines with the music to provide a relievable appeal to music lovers. The book intensively and extensively explores the origin of Jazz in relation to the term. The word, in itself, is essential in examining the beginning of the genre. This builds on the recognition that the term entails a significant cultural connotation. In turn, the term might have emanated from a given cultural group. This culture, hence, has informed the shaping and growth of Jazz. In addition, the culture has granted the genre inherent elements that remain unchanged as the music evolves. The book notes that there have been several scholarly attempts at defining the origin of the term and music. A huge part of scholarly work attributes its origins to Africa and Arabia (Crow 20). In other instances, linguist ic and music scholars have attributed the term to a word a French verb, jaser. This term means chattering. On the other hand, some historians attribute the word to fornication idioms that were prominently used in San Francisco and New Orleans. This seems to have been a major explanation for the leisurely take on Jazz. In this sense, the book accords an unfamiliar route in the analysis of music. It seeks to make the Jazz fans understand the origins of their consumption. The author recognizes that music lovers can only understand a genre if they associate with its origins. It is crucial for music lovers to experience past forms of music in understanding current compositions. In turn, they learn how a genre music has changed to accommodate shifting influences and expectations. Jazz, therefore, has an inherent perception that the fans take on the performances. In addition, the book entails vital discussion on the roles of teachers and students in shaping Jazz music. This part recognizes that Jazz has attracted a considerable attention from the scholarly world. The scholarly world, in this case, comprises the students and teachers who provide insights into how the culture should celebrate Jazz. Through teachers and students, the Jazz culture is passed down to subsequent generations. This is essential in the face of rapidly evolving cultures that help accelerate the displacement of traditional music genres such as Jazz. This book is critical for the current generation of music lovers who ought to understand the intricacies involved in the growth of a genre. The book informs that former Jazz musicians injected considerable genius in defining new dimensions of music (Gioia 43). In addition, it illuminates the idea that music production relies on involvement by a diverse number of individuals. Furthermore, it highlights that music has an emotional attachment that the scholarly works cannot ignore in discussing the genre. This relates to how Jazz music has helped shape communities. The clause, shaping communities, refers to Jazz’s influences on given economic, social, and political ideals. In addition, it refers to how Jazz music has acquired outside influences in its development. Concert The performance at the Glendale-Pasadena area revealed that music lovers have accorded an offhand approach in enjoying Jazz music. Jazz music, hence, has become a mere cultural

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