Thursday, July 25, 2019

Poetry and the World Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Poetry and the World - Essay Example Learning institutions are interested on inventing the most effective ways of preparing students for future social responsibilities. Teachers have also felt the need of offering fewer lectures, integrating modern technology in the learning experience, employment of collaborative learning strategies when appropriate and to making the learning environment more favorable and interactive (Bonwell and Eison 47). This paper aims at reviewing a series of previous lessons that demonstrate significant promotion of pupil learning strategies in the curriculum area of literacy. The review will extensively analyze the entire activities in the poetry training lessons. The sequence of the study will begin by a rationalized explanation of the selection of certain ideas in lessons as well as identification of order in classroom lessons. This is followed by the description of the lesson’s implementation plan and the identification of lesson goals and objectives. The most effective way of actuali zing pedagogical method will also be discussed in line with the acquired knowledge after full execution of the method. Finally, the study will undertake an evaluative reflection on the lessons. This will necessitate the evaluation the strengths and weaknesses training approach. The factors that have led to the success of the lesson will equally be discussed in the essay. The study will commence by reviewing the first lesson in the sequence of six lessons taught in literacy, which entailed working with a lively and chatting group of pupils in Primary 6/5. The aim of the interactive participation was to incorporate writing in teaching poetry. According to facilitation learning theory, effectively learning is in most cases facilitated by teachers serving as facilitators to pupils by creating an atmosphere where students will feel comfortable to discuss their past activities and experiences (Phillips 43). Therefore, I decided to use this approach to facilitate the development of the pup il’s literacy skills by giving pupils opportunities to communicate, collaborate, and build relationships. The incorporation of students in class activities is incredibly vital in facilitating active learning. As defined, active learning is the introduction of a favorable environment that gives an opportunity for students to listen, write, reflect, and read. Active learning is necessitated by role playing, cases study, problem-solving exercises, as well as formation of informal group discussion (Carson 97). Recent studies have as well confirmed that, active learning is extremely decisive motivating learning among students. Through active learning, pupils developed creative writing practice in prose. As a result of employing active learning approach, I did not encounter much trouble in handing pupils assignments that involved individuals and collaborative writing. Moreover, pupils under study were in the second level of Literacy in A Curriculum for Excellence (CFE). According t o CFE guidelines, after every lesson, pupils are expected to have developed the ability to create their own stories, poems, and plays with appealing structures, characters, and settings. ENG 1-31a We as well employed communication mechanism in the lesson by sharing past experiences form teachers and students. Through effective communication,

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