Thursday, July 25, 2019

Following the Steps of Narrative Structure Essay

Following the Steps of Narrative Structure - Essay Example Weak and simple story lines do not need a complex structure as they ruin the effectiveness of the content. Complex story lines need a well structured format of narration. This makes it simple and effective to bring out the intended topic of narration. Generally, there are structures that exist when writing narratives without the consideration of influencing factors. According to Hemmingway writing a narrative should clearly based on the right structure and format regardless the audience and the content in the narrative (85). This paper will focus on the writing structure of narratives. Additionally, it will clearly show the steps involved when coming up with a narrative structure. It will greatly borrow from the Freytag’s Pyramid. Thursby says that in introducing a narrative the exposition should be the first structure step (97). The exposition should be well and easily understood. It should also be very effective in terms of content and structure. In many occasions the exposition creates the intended picture to the audience. It provides the audience with what to expect from the narrative in terms of content. The exposition should be an analysis of characters involved, the relationship between the characters and the drama or story connecting the characters to the narrative. It also meant to create an attentive mood from the audience or the intended reader. The exposition also provides a depth analysis of the topic and the setting of the narrative. According to Hemmingway the exposition or introduction of a narrative should provide the audience or intended person with all the information they need to understand the story (126). In words by Thursby then there is rising action which provides a greater picture on the characters in the narrative (157). The rising action segment gives an introduction to the main conflict in the narrative. The conflict should be designed in way that both the negative and positive influences are

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