Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Personal statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Personal Statement Example Due to my keen interest in the world of supplies, demands, distribution, revenue, profit and customer satisfaction, the field I would like to choose for my major is economics. After sensitive calculations and critical working, I took initiative to start off with my own â€Å"mini business†. I perceived it as a business that would not only be beneficial for students but would also allow me to earn a good deal of experience in the practical world alongside the profit. By assigning target goals and dividing the entire process into the stages of ‘plan’, ‘purchase’, ‘sell’ and ‘generate revenue’, I was able to keep the business simple yet effective. The plan included listing the items that were in demand and researching the availability of whole-sale vendors who could provide the required products. These items were then sold at a reasonable profit, which was later utilized for further betterment of the business. In the ‘reve nue generation’ stage of my business venture, I calculated the amount of time, energy and fuel consumption while commuting to the wholesale market and finally completing the purchase. With this data, I calculated a reasonable profit that was to be earned from the business. ... uced a new well-equipped market within the campus, while I ended the business and decided to focus on the final months of studying for my high school. From what I have learnt through my experience, I believe that I can benefit the community in better ways by further understanding the concepts of economics, which will possibly provide a solution to the world’s derailing economies. By studying subject matters such as meeting demands and supplies, converting loss into profits, benefiting human kind and sustaining global economies, I will be able to contribute to the field of economics and the community. Prompt 2 After discussions with my father that lasted for hours, I was forced to admit the fact that my twenty years of life have not really been much of a success. Before I had joined Community College, the grades that I had obtained were not up to the mark. Due to my father’s motivation and support, I had always wanted to set an example, not only for my dad but also for m y children in future. It cannot be ignored that I had gained exceptional business experience at a very young age but I realized that despite starting off as an entrepreneur and managing it well, there were many concepts I still had to grasp. I believe that the best possible way to be introduced to these concepts would be to undertake a university major in economics. At the beginning of my high-school years, I was introduced to a poem by Robert Frost, titled â€Å"And miles to go before I sleep†. This poem inspired a great sense of motivation within me and continually makes me believe that there is always a lot more that life has to offer. Since I was determined in what I believed, I took an oath to bring about a change. As I resumed my studies in the Community College, I worked hard day and night. My

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