Monday, August 26, 2019

ENERGY WEDGES Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

ENERGY WEDGES - Lab Report Example Lastly shifting to bio fuels seems as an easy way of reducing carbon emission The world yearns to reduce carbon emission especially after Kyoto protocol and Copen Hagan reports were released. Environmentalists and human rights activists are putting pressure on countries that are producing high carbon energy on the environment to reduce or pay heavy fines with the aim of reducing carbon emission for sustainable development. Our energy wedge is based on conservation of green resources and use of renewable sources of energy as a means of conservation. Nuclear wedges comes in second as a means of preventing of cutting carbon emission by half by the year 2055. Nuclear energy is capable of producing a lot of energy but is not widely used since it possesses high risks to the environment. The above two wedges are good ways of producing energy without production of carbon. (Wardlaw, 2009). A growth rate of 5.3% annually is projected in production of low carbon environmental goods and services (Nesta, 2009). There has also been tremendous increase in green jobs from 13 70 billion dollars from now to 2740 billion dollars by 2020, which is projected as a growth rate of 5.5% annually (Office, 2009). Due to the involvement of new technology while shifting from fossil energy sources to renewable sources of energy, it is expected that job creation will rise from 24% annually to 42% by 2020 (UNEP, 2007). The demand for low carbon activities is exceptionally high. The next wedge of conservation is efficiently producing electricity. Use of coal as a source of energy leads to production of about a fifth of worlds carbon. Conserving forests ensures that trees absorb carbon emitted and use it as a source of food production. Soil is also another form in which carbon products can be stored. This can be supported by planting cover crops and preventing soil erosion. Use of biofuels is believed to be cost

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