Saturday, June 15, 2019

U08a1 Personal Reflection Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

U08a1 Personal Reflection Project - Essay Example..Aesthetics or esthetics is a branch of philosophy relations with the definition of dish antenna (Singh 2008). The concept of beauty is subjective in nature as it had been popularly coined by the phrase beauty is in the eye of the commentator (Martin 2009).The phrase the aesthetic signify of view depends on the persons perspectives which was developed though various experiences and orientations. I realized from the given assignments of the course, the sense of beauty was slowly enhanced and awareness was honed through personal direction accorded by the diverse art forms and medium.The Marketplace Visit was my initiation to an enlightenment in taking into custody the aesthetic approach to ones surroundings, particularly the restaurant I visited, in lieu of the market place. There was a realization at this point that the concept of beauty is actually experienced through other senses, not just the sense of sight. With various aromas , taste of the T-bone steak and the thirst that was quenched by the iced coldness un- sweet tea, in conjunction with the calming effect of the atmosphere designed in the old Wild West, it was as if I was brought back into time and was do to relish the warmth and comforts of good old days. Beauty was experienced through the senses provided by the Hoof and Horn visit.Taking a picture was another(prenominal) memorable experience which attained learning the value of appreciating beauty at its natural form. The Unnamed Tree could just be disregarded by majority as an eyesore a dried and dying unpreventable consequence of nature. However, the aesthetics in that picture could be seen as one reflects on the aspects of its surroundings, its artistic form, its sublimely matt color and the remaining breath of life through the birds nestling in its contoured branches. The viewer giving meaning and life through ones eyes provide enormous amounts of aesthetics in the unnamed trees existence. Designs, brands, corporate logos

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