Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Business Plan #3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Business Plan 3 - Essay ExampleIn this kind of milieu where employees are motivated, there is increased productivity, more inventions and creativity within the company, staffs potential is unleashed as they can freely express their opinions and views and ensure that they wipe out been taken seriously. Employees can change their negative attitude about the work and start working in a positive way. When employees are motivated, they have got the recreate to stay longer at the organization instead of resigning. Motivated workers will hardly miss at the workstation and will not go for absenteeism as compared to demoralise workers.It is through motivation that the managers will improve the standard of weak performers in the organization. They will closely monitor their work try to find if the underperforming staffs understands the job description they are doing. After this analysis, the manager will come out with the conclusion that best suites each staff.Managers have a responsibili ty of challenging their staff to secure the best. This mechanism makes them as leaders, and role models to their juniors. When managers assign leadership roles to their juniors it really motivates them, and they have a desire to be like their managers and this really helps them to be confident at the workplace.Organizations where employees are allowed to have fun and organize retreats for themselves helps to break the monotony of the work and gives them to rejuvenate themselves. For example, inter - departmental parties, retreats or activities that bonds the staff to work as a family rather than more of workplace.It is important for senior staff to applause the efforts of their juniors. Through this, the junior staff feels appreciated and recognized. Applauding their efforts means they are rewarded by promotions or gifts.In a business setting, for example, in an audit firm, your staff will be mostly accountants. Due

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