Friday, November 15, 2019

Essay --

Depression. The lifeless force that makes a home on the top of your back, weighing you down completely taking you over like a parasite; you see what it wants you to see, a world of gray blobs doing meaningless tasks day after day. Everything is trite. Nothing excites you. You are in a rut that gets deeper and deeper with each passing day, and as time passes, the possibility of escaping dwindles. You have empty feelings, there is no hope; you are fatigued by daily activities and suffer insomnia or restlessness. The thought of food disgusts you. Or perhaps it’s the only thing you have to comfort yourself. More than 20 million citizens in the United States suffer from depression; this is the life they have to look forward to. (â€Å"Depression† n.d.) Society is quick to judge on any kind of discrepancy: fashion, intellect, monetary class, and personality. What is everyone going to think when you have to skip your weekly luncheon and mani-pedi with your girlfriends for a depression counseling session? You have to cut corners on all expenses to pay for your treatment and it isn’t going unnoticed. A 2012 study by the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and the University of South Florida sought to find answer this: Dopeople judge me for spending money on Depression treatments? Two situations were created: in Experiment 1, random participants read a paper written by a student struggling with academic stress and school-related issues who would set aside a large sum of money to pay for depression treatment (Hong, Lishner, Gum, & Huss, 2012, p. 878). In Experiment 2, participants read another paper written by a depressed student who opted out of seeking treatment or received free treatment (Hong et a.l, 2012). Results found that pa rticipants we... ...They also found that there was a significant difference between depressed college students who were physically active and those who were not. Physical activity has been known to improve emotional self being like depression, anxiety, stress and self-esteem (Taliaferro, L. J., 2009). Practicing physical activity at least three to four times a day reduces the chances of being depressed.Till this day depression is one of the highest causes of death in young adults (Taliaferro, L. J., 2009). Depression is a major health issue, and will continue to be so unless we take action. Instead of feeling that lifeless force pushing you down get up and try doing some aerobic exercises. Fight to feel happy again. Life is a gift, never believe that you should take away your life in order to not feel pain and always have hope for the future. After all, we are responsible for ourselves.

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