Sunday, November 17, 2019

Blue Collar Jobs Essay Example for Free

Blue Collar Jobs Essay In the current economic situation in the U.S, graduating high school and going off to college for a degree has pretty much become the goal for most of the students here in the United States. According to the Institute of Education Sciences, studies have shown that between 1999 and 2009, the number of students in the United States perusing a degree in college full time has risen by almost 45% while part time students increased by 28%. With the vast expanding number of students, the number of job openings for these certain fields are simply not enough to provide every graduate with a job. Because of this problem the unemployment rates are staggeringly high here in the United States which includes the 44% those coming out of college. (Rampell) Take Kyle Bishop for example. Currently 24, he has been waiting tables, delivering beer, and working at a bookstore since 2009 when he graduated from the University of Pittsburgh. (Rampell) Stories like this arise every day and only more appear. It will eventually affect future college students pursuing a degree and those who return to study to obtain a degree. Despite these stories however, many companies have been seeking employees to fill up positions for months to years. Many of these jobs have included machinist, welder, and many more in manufacturing, hence blue collar jobs. Now you may be thinking, how can companies not fill up position for manual labor? But with the pace of the advancement of technology in modern society, machinery has become more complicated and requires a higher skill cap to use compared to before while the number of workers with the skill to operate them has been dwindling. In the North Dakota oil fields, there is a 30% shortage of petroleum engineers and a 10% shortage of machinists that the companies simply cannot find enough workers with the skillsets to fill up these positions. According to news article from the Dallas Morning News the workforce is very skilled but they’re mostly people with experience who are soon to retire. It seems like jobs can’t be found without experience and experience can’t be gained without a job however, many say vocational school may become a solution. Students will be able to gain experience by learning about certain jobs in the field and acquiring the skills required without the need of actually finding a job. More people would become qualified to take over the empty positions and those soon to be empty as people begin to retire and more skilled workers join the workforce which could ease the unemployment rates. Every move made can affect the future of the United States economy and the future workers. Education is certainly very important but obtaining skills to work certain jobs is probably one of the most important factors in getting a job.

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